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  1. Retweet if you're still awake.

  2. I don't know what my life would be without @biggestlosernbc. Love this show!

  3. First offseason workout tomorrow! If you're NOT in a winter sport BE THERE! #senioryear

  4. To this day White Chicks makes me rofl

  5. Shoveled my neighbor's driveway and sidewalk here in cold and snowy Mishawaka, Indiana. Feels good to help others. @AnnCurry #26acts

  6. Pray for the families of the victims of today's shooting in Newtown, CT. #PrayForNewtown

  7. Retweet if I should create a "Bring a Dave & Buster's to South Bend/Mishawaka, Indiana!!!!" page.

  8. anxiously awaiting the Powerball numbers........

  9. Powerball up to $550 million!!!!!

  10. That root beer float hit the spot!!!!!!!

  11. Manti Te'o for Heisman! 9 tackles and 2 sacks in one quarter!

  12. If she drives on the road. Give her the "D"etour. @SheWantThaD

  13. Here's to the people who thought that Notre Dame was going to lose last night! GO IRISH!

  14. Robert I see South Bend, IN on the list as well as Elkhart-Goshen, IN. What about Mishawaka, IN?
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