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  1. I am getting LTE in Santee on Mission George and Cottonwood. It doesn't seem any stronger, but I am happy they turned it back on.
  2. Yeah, I wanna see a picture of the pie.
  3. Got a LTE signal heading east on the 52 between the 15 and Santo. I got second signal near Santo.
  4. I haven't gotten any LTE in Santee for several days now. I am hoping they turn it back on soon.
  5. If a site turns off, like it did in Santee, how long before they turn it back on?
  6. Lost my LTE signal in Santee. Hopefully it will be back soon.
  7. I am picking up LTE near cuyumaca and the 52. I sometimes have to toggle airplane mode to get the phone to switch to LTE
  8. I don't think I can report results with sensorly on an iPhone 5.
  9. I hit a small pocket of LTE while on the 52 freeway in Santee (near the Fanita exit) 5.20 Mbps on Speedtest.net app (I only had two bars).
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