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  1. Calls going straight to Voicemail on all Sense-based roms

    Thanks I'll give this a try.
  2. Calls going straight to Voicemail on all Sense-based roms

    I don't think its my account since I can recieve calls just fine using CM10.1 roms. Its only with the Sense-based roms that my calls go straight to voicemail.
  3. Calls going straight to Voicemail on all Sense-based roms

    I don't use google voice. Thanks for your help though. I guess my other question would be, will the sprint store help me if I just took the phone as is without unrooting and unlocking?
  4. I've asked this around, did extensive research and even had Sprint Customer Service tried to help me for a good hour. This problem started a couple of weeks back when I flashed sense rom from CM10.1 based rom. All incoming calls would go straight to voicemail on any sense-based rom. But I can make calls just fine. Switching to CM10.1 based rom would cure the issue and I can call and recieve phone calls just fine. Sprint tech did everything they are trained to do and she couldn't fix the issue and asked me to take my phone to the store. But before I relock and unroot my phone, I'd like to see if you guys have any other suggestions. I have HTC EVO 4G LTE and the phone is rooted S-Off and on the latest firmware.
  5. Sprint LTE Coverage Map - Dallas/Ft.Worth Market

    Is the coverage map for 4g LTE available for Houston and its surrounding area? Living in Sugar Land, I fear LTE may not come as quickly as Downtown Houston.