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  1. Backing up photos outside of iCloud

    Google Photos
  2. Wish those where available for ios Sent from my Silver iPhone 6+
  3. *3001#12345#* then u go to serving cell info then Frequency band indicator Sent from my Silver iPhone 6+
  4. I guess im running on 2 bars of Spark and am averaging 12/2 in my parking lot. Once inside my house it switches to to band 26. Im in Troutdale on 257th and Glisan. Sent from my Silver iPhone 6+
  5. Im new to Sprint. I came onboard from ATT after 12 years and I took advantage of the cut your bill in half promo. Now my question is this...I live in Troutdale (97060) and is there any place I can get info about Spark coming to my area? I know when I travel to Lloyd Center Im in Spark, so I believe theres a tower somewhere near the vicinity. Ive researched on the internet and cannot find anything about Portland coming online with Spark anytime soon. Thanks for your input. Sent from my Silver iPhone 6+