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  1. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    Afaik the only places where TMUS is roaming onto USCC is where USCC has VoLTE live. Which is Iowa and Wisconsin from what I've heard. On top of that, they're whitelisting IMEIs right now, mostly from Apple and Samsung, but read some were able to get their LG IMEIs whitelisted and roaming started working. So it's very much an in progress situation. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    After UMTS was turned on in my market in 2012, GSM was greatly freed up, and I was able to FaceTime over EDGE on an iPad. It was not optimal, but PoC it worked. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    For reference, as I'm sure you know, that very good working Lumia 950 is very good at not working with VoLTE and wifi Calling on T-Mobile you're going to be using it on. So don't expect the very best service, especially with the voice issues you have had. Just pointing out that you're not doing yourself any favors in setting yourself up for success with that device. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    YMMV. I've driven a ton of highways and a ton rural areas. T-Mobile has 100% of sites LTE online in the state of Mississippi. I'm not sure you can point to a more rural area. They beat CSpire in a lot of highway LTE coverage, definitely in interstate LTE coverage, statewide more sq miles than CSpire easily. Is it perfect? Not by a long shot. Are there dead spots? You bet there are. Is there band 12 in MS? On 4 sites on I-59, and one site in SW MS. In lay terms, no. Does it work on "highways and rural areas"? YMMV, but its a non-no answer in my book.
  5. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    That sounds like an overly pessimistic expectation.
  6. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    Don't count on it. 700a in Memphis is encumbered by Ch51. Also, I believe that was a short term lease from CSpire. Still in their hands as far as I can see. And T-Mobile's interest in West Virginia is roughly zero. They might consider a ROB project if they held 700. But with USCC roaming supposedly looming on the horizon, likely no interest at all. Don't get your hopes up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    Its true. 10x10 L850, plus GSM in 850. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    Assuming near the Olympia area, you have some heavily fragmented spectrum holdings. You've obviously done a ton of mapping on CellMapper, and I only see 1c L2100 @ EARFCN of 2350. Either, they still have U2100 on-air (seriously doubt), or somehow your device never gets pushed over to 2c L2100, which should have an EARFCN of 2200. This would be a drop in doubling of on-air LTE, sans L700 layer. On top of that, you also have fragmentation in the PCS holdings, but its not unreasonable to see them move to 3c 10x10, 2x L21 1xL19, with U19+GSM in the fragmented PCS block, as well as some GSM sprinkled certainly at the guard band of the LTE block, and possibly selective RB sharing with LTE where needed. Very, very odd you haven't seen 2c L21 there. GCI pattern is x65, x66, x67 for 3 sectors of 2c L21, or sectors 101,102,103 in decimal.
  9. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    All while diluting ARPU/ABPU, no? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    Wide spread doom and gloom is a bit misguided. There's congestion anywhere there is a large mass of people. In my market, they are in the throws of adding L1900 and L700 layers, and there are at least 3 new colocations in the metro in the works currently. Not to mention the current modernization is bringing AWS-3 capabilities with it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    US Cellular has been trailing VoLTE for a while now I thought. In Jam 15, they expressed intent to trial in "select cities" within the year. In Jan 16, they expressed plans to launch in one market, following trials in 3 markets. They also talked up the VoLTE roaming benefits. In May 16, they spoke up about the 'VoLTE gap' for CDMA carriers, and didn't include any other time tables other than there was 'no rush' to ship the product. Didn't want to link Fierce three times as sources, but quick googling should yield results corroborating that summary. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    Bands 2/4/12. There is no AWS-3 spectrum owned by T-Mobile in that market. However, yes the antenna is capable of that frequency range. If Jacksonville follows other markets getting this antenna, you will have L2100+L1900+L700+U1900 operating from this one antenna. You will have a second antenna for G1900, and likely U2100, since Jacksonville is a 50 MHz AWS-1 market. Keep 1c U2100, and for now 1c U19 for 2c UMTS, get to 10 MHz wide on L1900 from day 1. This gets to 70 MHz deployed LTE. (10 MHz of GSM, 20 MHz of UMTS) Later as traffic migrated from UMTS to LTE, sunset U19 in favor of 15 MHz wide L19. Gets to 80 MHz of LTE (of 100 MHz of usable spectrum), with 1c U21 plus GSM. With a tight enough grid, 80 MHz of LTE should handle T-Mobile's subscriber load for a while. Obviously high traffic sites will be slow no matter what, but sector splits, further densification can tighten up weak points needed as customer growth continues. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    There's a very good chance you are mistaking the new Nokia RAS for an Ericsson AIR. It is very beefy, due to incorporating 2x RRH's inside the antenna enclosure. Typical configuration for non-AWS-3 market would be FHFB + FRBG internal, FRIG external. https://www.reddit.com/r/tmobile/comments/4sff69/brand_spanking_new_nokia_flexi_ras_radio_antenna/
  14. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    I could be wrong, but I feel very confident in saying that any AIR antennas would be those of either ATT or VZW, as Jacksonville is a Nokia infrastructure market. I would imagine since Jacksonville is a late L700 market that T-Mobile may be going straight to NSN RAS, which affords 4T4R on L2100 and L1900, and 2T2R on L700. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    Correct, Ericsson is currently seeding B66 AIR units into the wild, likely as a replacement to B4 AIR units, which is why we are likely seeing these in non-AWS-3 holding markets such as LA. Nokia is also seeding their B66 capable RAS units (FASB) in many markets across the country, mostly those that were late L700 bloomers. Beyond the RAS addition, the existing FRIG radio just needs to be swapped for a FRIJ that is capable of AWS-3. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk