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  1. Be fair, that whole area has a cell blocking spell on it. I used to run that area daily for work and never had a phone work right from any carrier. Something to do with not allowing towers in most areas, and lack of backhaul availability. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk 2
  2. I'm not entirely convinced its the network. I have a Galaxy S3 and sn iPhone 5 on 2 seperate Sprint lines. My iPhone drops data at any hint of a wind gust. My s3 will hold it fine. I've had 2 iPhone 5's and they both do this. My 4S never did. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk 2
  3. I'm getting LTE by Winneconne, and service by 76 and Jackson is moving faster. I haven't had any dropped calls or data problems around Appleton though, aside from some minor slowdowns. That storm did some damage, there may be towers down by you.
  4. I was up there a couple times last week and hit LTE. Sent from my Tricorder aboard the Enterprise
  5. I've been popping in and out of LTE in Rapids for the last couple weeks, especially out on the west side by the industrial park.
  6. That's what I saw as well. It continues all the way passed Point and just about to Appleton.
  7. Might be testing. Anyone else by Point/Marshfield having major connection issues today? Both my S3 and iPhone 5 are having trouble loading maps, and streaming audio is impossible. Never had problems before. Tried YouTube for fun, keeps saying connection error.
  8. It was solid on 10 testerday, but on the north end it was still back and forth. Sent from my Tricorder aboard the Enterprise
  9. I'm at Carquest DC in north Marshfield and my phone was bouncing in and out of LTE.
  10. Just noticed I had a solid 5 bars of LTE in Omro. I'm on my iPhone, so no Sensorly update.
  11. Marathon to Edgar should be mapped. Not sure where it switched back. I turned it in pulling out of Marathon and turned it off by Colby. There is a site on hwy 10 by Marshfield I've seen pop LTE off and on, and a couple more by Point. I even saw my phone bounce LTE shortly by Wisconsin Rapids.
  12. First site in the Wausau area had LTE accepted yesterday. It's between Edgar and Marathon City, along the freeway. Robert I should be going to Edgar today, I'll load up Sensorly and tag it if I do. Sent from my Tricorder aboard the Enterprise
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