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  1. Did something get switched on in southern OC? It seems like coverage is way better suddenly.
  2. Are all the sites surrounding Ladera accepted? Can anyone comment on whether back haul had been done?
  3. So what is the deal in South OC and Ladera Ranch? Coverage seems to have gotten worse! I cannot get LTE in any reliable capacity near my home, in the middle of Ladera Ranch, and the area is supposed to have two fully working, upgraded LTE towers right now- am I wrong, or aren't both Ladera Ranch towers now full LTE?
  4. I'm seeing a lot of LTE in south OC that is not mapped. It may be "flickering" though...
  5. I just proposed a solution to this problem so that iphone users could use sensorly to map LTE signals...
  6. You sir are an idiot. I hope your title does not mean you are a backbone to this site.
  7. I think so, however- if Sensorly caters to the jailbroken crowd they might not be allowed on the app store. My solution is a work around due to the fact that there is no reporting of the network type by the iOS operating system.
  8. I am just talking about the ability to contribute to the maps. That is all this feature is intended to address. It would actually be extremely simple to implement. Just a matter of an acknowledgement that the iphone mapping results reported must be above a certain threshold to show up and a screening of results based on that speed level and the device sending them on Sensorly's end. iPhone users cannot contribute to maps. This would change that for LTE networks which is the most important part of sensorly right now. In fact, the only reason I even have sensorly installed is o I can see the LTE network on Sprint spread out.
  9. http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/1869-fastest-3g-speeds-ever-seen/ So set the threshold in this small update to the iphone app to be above the highest seen here. And as I stated earlier, set Android results to "knock out" iphone results if there is a newer slower speed. And you don't have to use it. This is just a way to get iphone users the ability to contribute.
  10. What? I don't think you are understanding what I am saying. Let me explain: 1. This will be an option, and a condition, added to the app that only applies to the iPhone app. This does not affect data gathering as it stands right now on the Android platform in any way. 2. This does not change, alter or lessen the quality of the data currently being collected. Again, like #1 above, this does not affect anyone currently. 3. This would ADD the ability for iphone users to contribute data. The only data that they would be able to contribute is network information on speed tests collected on LTE networks where the speeds are ABOVE what 3g is capable of. Because Sensorly can detect whether or not a test has been performed on a wifi network, and the iphone does not operate on WiMax, if a speed test reports back a speed that is greater than what 3g is capable of, the only possibility is that it came from an LTE network if this test is performed on Sprint. If the test is LTE but not faster than 3g- the data is not reported. It is ignored on Sensorly's end. This means that no inaccurate data is collected. The benefit for Sensorly is more data collected because now iPhone users can contribute. And BTW- "Nazi ways" compares the death of millions of Jewish men, women and children to the actions of a software company that you do not agree with. Not appropriate here, or anywhere actually.
  11. A forthcoming update to your product to allow us iPhone owners to contribute mapping data to your maps for LTE networks!
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