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  1. how do you get the debug unlock code I'm trying my MSL unlock code but apparently its different for the debug menu any suggestions? what problem can I imitate to get sprint to give it to me without rooting my phone?
  2. me too lol im like theres only a few left and i just moved right across the street from the one i named specifically and it doesnt even have panels up...and no signal from any of the other towers stuck with slowG (3G) until the internet company gets WIFI up haha
  3. KC03RW402 any updates on this site? I haven't seen any new sites come on and no new work in a long while...
  4. Panels are up at maiden lane and Perkins in Joplin crew was just coming down from the tower
  5. Does anyone think an official launch from sprint is getting close in Joplin?
  6. Check sensorly new site on in Joplin just did mapping around my house I have it at 20th and moffet ave and all down 20th
  7. If it's for LTE they should be able to tell pretty easily with the details page and signal strength reading right?
  8. why aren't any of the accepted sites going live I've seen posts about a few sites being accepted by the vendor and by sprint then nothing else happens
  9. there was no weather in joplin it sleeted for a couple hours nothing even accumulated lol and today theres an outage in Joplin, data is crap right now...
  10. looks like the neosho site might be on now, there are points on sensorly
  11. Do they use tubing to put the wire through underground or just bury it "naked"
  12. I understand what your're saying about the phone catching another tower but I can actually look and see this tower it is so close and I had restarted the phone, profile update and all that and it was still the same result so while it might possibly have been another tower I really doubt that is the case im going after work to stand beneath the tower and look and see if there any visual cues that there is current work being done at that particular tower its literally like 30 seconds away and what really excited me is this tower no matter the time of day has never produced below 180ms on ping th
  13. I didn't have a bad ping I had one indicative of 4G quality just no 4G, that was the purpose of my post is that either backhaul or updated equipment is in place, I'm going after work to check it out.
  14. what determines your ping speed backhaul or updated equipment? whichever it is its done at site *, was out on my break im pinging 90ms
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