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  1. I just got my first iPhone. Which apps do you guys recommend for checking signal strength, etc? On Android, I used Sensorly and LTE Discovery. Any other options on iOS?
  2. For the first time ever, I had a decent signal for most of the game at Brighthouse Stadium. 44,000+ in attendance so it was a pretty good test. In past years, the signal has been so bad that the phone's battery is almost run down to 0% by the end of the game.
  3. Thanks, This is happening with a data connection. It doesn't fail right away, it acts as if it were trying to download and then it shows the error.
  4. Is anyone else having trouble updating their PRL and Profile? The Sprint rep on Twitter blamed a data outage in the area. Does that make any sense?
  5. I spent the weekend in St. Augustine and had zero coverage (data, voice, MMS) for most of the weekend. It was a relief to get back to Orlando. We may not have the awesome speed just yet but consistent connectivity is definitely better than none!
  6. Your post is a bit off-topic but you can typically get good results if you log your issue here: https://secure.dslreports.com/forum/bhousedirect
  7. I was at the Disney Speedway this weekend and had decent 4G coverage. I did not think to do a speed test though. Too busy watching supercars zoom by!
  8. I saw a guy working on the tower behind the intramural soccer fields at UCF yesterday (Alafaya and Research Pkwy). I am not sure who the tower belongs to, there is not a lot of equipment on it but he was definitely working on cell antennas.
  9. Thanks for the engineering screen info. And Bill's Car Wash is the best! That is where I take my car when I get too lazy to do it myself.
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