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  1. I haven't had LTE here in Ridgecrest part of Orange Park for 3 days now. Got 3G only and it is killer slow. Sprint CSR says LTE is down and tech has been notified. He said 3G is getting hammered due to LTE being down. (:
  2. This is the best Ive seen in and around Orange Park. Speed test was at corner of College Drive and 220. Still no LTE at my house but with this speed I hope it gets here soon.
  3. Still no LTE in the part of Orange Park where I live. However, a couple of times driving through known strong LTE areas where eHRPD should be prevalent took a long while to pick it up. Even airplane mode didn't help get it any faster. Could be my phone though as I have read about Samsung Galaxy Note 2s in many threads experiencing lag in picking up eHRPD. Or as Robert might say on things...could be one or the other or a combination of both. Sure hope LTE continues to spread quicker throughout all of the Jacksonville Metropolitan area. Hope all of you have a Happy St. Patty's Day weekend.
  4. No LTE on NAS Jax. Not sure when or if that will happen. I have LTE near me in Orange Park but still not at my house. The wait for LTE in both locations continues for me.
  5. Spoke to an ex-Navy guy who now works for Ericcson. His crew was doing towers here in Jacksonville but they got ordered along with another crew to go to Orlando. They weren't told why just to get down to Orlando for the next 6 months. Hope that doesn't mean a slow down for us here. Getting tired of this dial up speed 3G so hoping things get moving here again..
  6. Anybody having a problem with Sensorly app lately? Seems like when I turn on GPS and then open Sensorly and tap on coverage it always opens showing NYC. I emailed developer but no response yet.
  7. TYBO, I hear what you are saying about not waiting...but...if I activate my Note 2 I lose. At that point I will have no 3G for the Note 2 and no LTE. At least now with my EVO I have fairly fast WIMAX. As I need to have connectivity I will just have to bit the bullet and wait. When I bought the Note 2 I knew it would be a while before LTE was active here in the Orange Park area where I live but I was not counting on Sprint's 3G dying on my local tower. I'm just hoping the wait is not until summer 2013 though.
  8. Thanks for all the helpful information here. I have a brand new Note 2 that is not yet activated. Why, you might ask? The Sprint tower in my area of Orange Park is over saturated and I cant even get 3G coverage. This has been confirmed by Sprint numerous times over last 2 months. So I am having to still use my HTC EVO 3D as Wimax works great with great download speed. So just waiting on LTE in my area of Orange Park. From info here it is getting close to me. So thanks again for all your encuraging reports on the progress.
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