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  1. Spent 8 minutes in traffic on #WestmontAve. Commute could have been less with 2 car lanes rather than unused bike lanes by @JoeBuscaino .

  2. The Underwoods do not disappoint. RT @UCLAfootballGAL: Here I go.............. #BingeWatching http://t.co/nChBnBzIJI

  3. LOL!!! RT @thesulk: "Like my face, 'Frozen'!" #kimnovak

  4. More like 'days'...RT @BruinReport: Our message boards are down for a few hours due to maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. LMAO! RT @BrandonHuffman: That was fun. And payback for killing Apollo.

  6. RT @BruinsBall: Is Cam Cameron the creeper of the century?I heard he watched Malachi sleep on the plane #creepcameron @MalachiDupre @KennyY

  7. Ha Ha RT @MelendezSports: Fight On? Oh wait, he quit. “@latimessports: Quarterback Max Wittek will transfer from USC http://t.co/0pf7Md8j2t”

  8. The dress symbolizes the useless STOP signs she put in SP. RT @JoeBuscaino: Go @Rep_JaniceHahn! Way (cont) http://t.co/oqRyVz857Z


    #AT&T #Uverse sucks. NFC Championship game feed constantly skipping. 800 customer service closed. Going back to #TWC or #DirectTV.

  10. IT'S ROLLING, BABY! RT @BFeldmanCBS: Been a pretty lucrative off-season for a bunch of old Mike (cont) http://t.co/yrCRXB1qD1


    #BrianKelly reaction when he heard another prized recruit was decommitting from #NotreDame and heading to #UCLA. http://t.co/Q7WDgT85Kn


  12. Petrino+Pitino = dangerous waters for L'ville ladies. RT @BFeldmanCBS: Wow. Winning is all that (cont) http://t.co/jM3j57X7If


    #Stanford cheerleaders should be required to be fully clothed from head to toe. Paper bags over their heads are optional. #HardOnTheEyes


  14. Apparently #LamarOdon sobered up and realized he married a cow. RT @KFINEWS: Reality TV personality Khloe #Kardashian files for divorce.

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