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  1. I hope it is a Sprint tower (I work down the road from there and I am lucky to even get a passable 3g signal). If they did that and could get Franklin Park area up to par then I would be a happy camper. 800 can't get here soon enough.
  2. Thanks. Sprint is now telling me it seems to be a Buckeye Telesystem issue... hopefully that is the caseand hopefully it gets fixed.
  3. Not sure if this is the right place to bring this up, but anyone else have audio issues on incoming calls? It's been happening to me more and more lately and I don't know if it's the upgrades that have been going on in Toledo or some other reason. Just realized I need to renew my sponsorship as well, better get on that.
  4. I have a couple of phones, ran it on the S5 and it was there. Keep switching back to the Note 2 for the simultaneous voice and data.
  5. Does Signalcheck show what frequency the tower you are connected to is using? Mine doesn't seem to do that.
  6. I guess some work is finally being done in Sylvania area (this is by Chelsea Place apartments on Holland Sylvania).
  7. Did not get anything driving to Westfield Mall, but I looked down at my phone once inside and am connected. Got about 9mbit down on a speedtest.
  8. I was picking up a LTE signal around driving down Sylvania Ave driving toward Corey Road from Talmadge this morning. Signal died on me right before I hit Holland Sylvania. I'm about to head back out there with Sensorly running and I'll run Signal Check to (hopefully) see what is going on.
  9. Did you ever get these pictures? I can drive through there on my way home from work if you need them.
  10. I was thinking I was somehow hitting the tower that is close to the truck stops off of 280,but obviously I jumped the gun on that one. My wife works off of 795 and it would be nice for her to be able to go out during her break and get some decent speeds.
  11. I picked up LTE right off of the Oregon Rd ramp but lost it as I turned on Oregon Road toward Owens. I didn't get another signal until I got on 795. Has LTE for maybe a quarter of a mile around East Broadway and managed to grab this screen shot. Was also running Sensory.
  12. Got it. I don't go to that area much, but I will download the app just in case.
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