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  1. Hihihi. A girl Representing good ol Framingham, where if the Brazillians won't kill you, Fungal Meningitis will! I am on Verizon, contract ending in 2 weeks. My phone got stolen and I wanted to get the iPhone 5, BUT Verizon's bills are outrageous and I need to save money. thus, bringing me to Sprint. Waiting for 4g to come to the Ham to help me make my decision. Glad to have found this site on a cnet comment! And that's my story. See you around!
  2. Hopefully the Metrowest area can get LTE soon. Anyone have an estimate as to when it may arrive? I've noticed Framingham has been getting some work done, at least I think that's what the Sprint site is telling me.
  3. I pray that the Cambridge-Framingham Mass area gets LTE ASAP. If they do, I'll will definitely switch to Sprint. However sprint is doing a lot of improvements in my town. We'll see... -has heard dreadful 3G stories
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