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  1. Yas ????? #ForzaMotorsport7 #XboxShare https://t.co/DHbU1nvF28

  2. @Girlscangame22 https://t.co/bYOucAlPOw

  3. @XBot448 Did someone say negativity? Present https://t.co/Nu3yefBppd

  4. @JezCorden @xSHEWULFx @secretlabchairs i can concur....Secret labs Titan has been great for me

  5. @Girlscangame22 book was great..cant wait to see it at IMAX

  6. @XBot448 putting in that end of day snuggles #SeaofThieves #XboxShare #Rainbow #LGBT https://t.co/j09xmZNWUU

  7. @Mooch1978 so long as...well...you know... Lavenderbeard isn't still a thing

  8. @The_CrapGamer from click bait titles to click bait paragraphs? Can't say i'm wrong to be suspicious.. Especially… https://t.co/4yRk5yIIqA

  9. @AshtreyGaming https://t.co/X5vYQnM7PM

  10. #ForzaMotorsport7 #XboxShare https://t.co/7wqFlFrGSH

  11. @Girlscangame22 https://t.co/fNilUpK0UG

  12. @Lady_Fox_Fire @The_CrapGamer @lGraveGamingl @ICEMAN_LMH @NewfNukem @Szkrotm77 @DefJamBam @DirtyJ77 @TheDon_KTR… https://t.co/mrXo7yUXXZ

  13. @Girlscangame22 @XBot448 https://t.co/IZKNDwyEML

  14. @TheAshenLuca I ain't gonna lie.. some if those uncharted games were great on the vita

  15. @Kmega4 Definitely not a new phone with a better camera.. I assume that's a one X in there.. Welcome back :)

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