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  1. @mauroranallo You are a gem and gift!

  2. @SpookyMeylani Yeah Egypt was awesome! Also, finding ways to help kids enjoy science is awesome! https://t.co/0nTZfAdUF9

  3. @NuckleDuDang Dang Du, back at it again with the good will!

  4. Chillin by the Nile https://t.co/tx5rZuWkiF

  5. @LiveDanica @NONAMESHOW RIP to Live.

  6. @OaktownGirl @KevinKleinLIVE https://t.co/LgIVLDi9O4

  7. @KevinKleinLIVE @KAABOODELMAR @973TheMachine @ALT1053Radio sucks. Miss you guys!

  8. @tokidoki77 was like #FinalRound2018 @CapcomFighters https://t.co/qlKnCABDmB

  9. @TanookiKuribo The hype was REAL when your Toys R Us pre-order came in.

  10. @zonknuckIe Get em Tei

  11. @sailorbee Last year was the first time I went in 15 years

  12. @MissShinoBee Loved that movie. Bittersweet for me though (and I don't mean the ending 😆😭)

  13. @zonknuckIe Love the visible shock on Jessica's face.

  14. @MissShinoBee Dang, I'm game. Time to head to San Mateo.

  15. The scent of a 23-year old aged rum? Good. The scent of a soft-serve… https://t.co/4oq84jfIof