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  1. You mentioned earlier that the magicbox will improve my phone calls (seems like it already is) Should I just ship back the airrave? Is thre any advantage to the airave? Thank you for all your support!
  2. These are all the dhcp leases. Airave still attached to lan and lights are constantly changing (cycling)
  3. Sorry for the delay. Yes, the port works (plugged in my laptop) I ran arp -p and that device is not on my network. IS there a wau for me to log into the device to see if's its getting an ip address?
  4. Update lights changed (left to right) light 1: solid red, light 2: blinking red, light 3: solid red (was previously of for about 15 min, just turned on) light 4: solid green light 5: solid green, light 6: blinking red
  5. Lights, left to right (6 total) light one: solid red, light 2: solid green, light 3 solid red, light 4 solid green, light 5 solid green , light 6 blinking red. Yes, antenna is plugged in and next to big window. Again, thank you for your asistance
  6. thank you for the quick reply, but the device will not work. It is set up as indicated (save for opening those ports) and I've been on the phone with tech support 5 times, device will not work. Do you have any ideas? Thank you!
  7. Hello, and thanks in advance! My ISP is spectrum and the equipment I was sent is a "spectrum modem" and a "RAC2V1K" router. About two weeks ago I got an account with Sprint and found the service at my house to be less than desirable (works great everywhere else) I spoke with the sales man at the store and he told me I needed a "magicbox" I set up the magic box and it had no effect on the quality of my phone calls. I then called Sprint tech support and was told, "you don't need a magic box, you need an "airave 4"...okay, how did the other guys not know this? anyway, I'm sent the airave and notice in the directions that I have to open UDP port 53,67, 500, and 4500 bi-directionally. I tested weather or not those particular ports were open on my router and confirmed that they are not. The airave device only has one ethernet port, and obviously, that connects to my router. How do I open up the ports w/o knowing the IP address of the airave unit? Has anyone successfully set up an airave 4 with a RAC2V1K router? If so, I'd very much like to hear how to accomplish this. THANKS! John P
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