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  1. RT @Christian_Racin: An epic stare-down. @NASCAR vs. @NCAACWS Does @BubbaWallace have what it takes? https://t.co/83R39Mxttb

  2. @BennyBOOOOO1 @carverbecsha @micah_tehe @CadenJessee @realDonaldTrump Never underestimate the damage a very small g… https://t.co/SOLFc11naf

  3. @RichEisenShow @richeisen @SI_PeterKing Draft 2 football players.

  4. @msaenz777 @jhb430 @realDonaldTrump What complete bullshit. Trump & his supporters were adamant that Mexico pay for… https://t.co/3gbA2YcVMZ

  5. RT @SethAbramson: CONFIRMED: That one time Trump was "tough" on Russia was 100% pure, uncut BS and he was hoping you wouldn't notice. https…

  6. My week on Twitter 🎉: 28 Mentions, 5 Mention Reach, 8 Likes, 14 Replies. See yours with https://t.co/gCUawWIDOe https://t.co/jpugERgoya

  7. @SoFlBigDog @stephenkettler @MikeSilver Would it be the Lord? or The Lord? I feel like he should get caps on the "the" as well.

  8. I think I just ate my 11th piece of bacon this morning. #naptime

  9. RT @noonanjo: Putin: “would you like some te—“ WE’RE GOOD THANKS https://t.co/hAag3ePzIG

  10. @TheWildcaster @ryan_finley No. Too soon.

  11. @TheBluto @JerryDunleavy @EWErickson @Marina_Sirtis @DLoesch Well, here's her response. Plus, she's been discussing… https://t.co/sg0J43wBRT

  12. @Shamira7 @SciTechRangers Yes... Linda Carter as Wonder Woman..... gotta go!

  13. Cloak and Dagger https://t.co/FlXGuzMrUR

  14. @lv_teacher @trojoan1963 @BusinessLawGuy @TrojanSuzanneR I just can't keep up with the news today. It's exhausting.

  15. @realDonaldTrump Sounds like someone is mad that he actually won the election...👆