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  1. @1Ronbank @NottyVonDutch @EmpressTaryn (sorry sometimes i have to get my trolling fix on my best friends)

  2. @ThePrincessFox Simple names IMHO. All of the options are cute

  3. @CardSyn Is that a banana on your bench or are you just happy to see me? 😂

  4. LIVE! playing a little Diablo 3 to relax. it's been about 6 years i think lol. https://t.co/2lTXrgOhC9

  5. my best friend is streaming eve online! https://t.co/GOoxiGgkc9

  6. i am so close to having the strength (and need) to write again that i can almost taste it 😫

  7. RT @franplayshalo: If DPS heroes can spam 'I need healing', can support heroes spam 'get a kill'? @PlayOverwatch

  8. FINALLY. https://t.co/OuHWslTsyu

  9. i hate vods so much. i forget that they're vods, and suddenly i want to interact, and then i cri

  10. @LizKatzOfficial Also u look very good. I realize u might get no recognition because you always look good, but meal… https://t.co/gOVYXhznmP

  11. @MaryJLeeee @FreeMemesKids @msivyvo Jesus Christ

  12. YAYYYYYYYY! https://t.co/bFBjZDdfo5

  13. @IndiEdenSays Yes pleassssssssssse

  14. @AlinityTwitch Yah you were hilarious 🤗

  15. Live! gonna stream a lil overwatch https://t.co/886CxWTC8x