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  1. Well happy to report there is more spots of lte. First i found some in north Hollywood on burbank and vineland. Then i found very strong coverage in south los angeles in 41st and wall.
  2. Not yet buddy BUT im currently getting lte in monterey park (not a atrong signal though) so its getting closer to you. Soon enough we'll all be flying unlimited
  3. Yeahb i actually have a screen shot but don't know how to post it from my phone. 4G in downtown east LA didn't have to update prl or do airplane mode. I was cool to finally see the little 4g logo
  4. I'm a delivery driver so I'm all over socal. If run sensorly map trip function will it find 4g lte feeds?
  5. damn i was there earlier today and didn't get any lte. they must have turned it on afterwards
  6. Great now we're on to something!!! Btw do you guys have to do anything special like update prl or does the phone automatically find 4g reception?
  7. I am getting horrible 3g today near downtown. I even lose 3g entirely. Is anyone else currently going through this? Is this a sign of networ upgrades?
  8. I think you may be right on that if you're getting those speeds. I live in east LA near downtown. The best I can get it is 1mb if I'm lucky but average is around 200-400kbps. I was in Glendale yesterday near the I5 and when I tried to do the speedtest that's when I started having the network issues
  9. has anything gotten dropped data service since 10/3/12? I kept losing 3g service in the LA Metro area namely near downtown.? I called customer service to see what's the deal and she said that they are doing network upgrades all over the city for lte service. I know this doesn't mean much but she said we should have 4g lte before the end of the month. Anyways let me know if you guys are having spotty internet service more than the usual.
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