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  1. RT @kept_simple: absolutely do not regret following kinja deals https://t.co/fSACcO7G6H

  2. RT @andyorin: interesting color in the gawker screenplay, I think it's pretty accurate https://t.co/jiEY2IOciz

  3. RT @bubbaprog: How I made a dumb video making fun of Sinclair Broadcasting and somehow started a media war: https://t.co/sdGgWlMTvn https:/…

  4. https://t.co/f35VgRAY0f https://t.co/2leSLviVgK

  5. @nextgenfinals @FTiafoe @usta Does this mean Zverev already said he won't play?

  6. Oh come on. https://t.co/Aub0ABvahP https://t.co/SAW2bKHPrS

  7. A good dog @ Umstead Company Mill Trail https://t.co/kL7kHkwP11

  8. Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck https://t.co/8oMzoXL2hl

  9. RT @Deadspin: UMBC beats Virginia: your schadenfreude gallery https://t.co/343Ot4cU6P https://t.co/qQvxaRhZJp

  10. That's the right call tbh. https://t.co/8ZFQv8Z6zG

  11. RT @mcwm: how stoned was the person who wrote this https://t.co/TdwSrejSYg

  12. RT @JayBilas: So, you demand to see the detailed plan that pays college athletes? Here it is. It’s right next to the detailed plan that pay…

  13. @TheBenSwain ask Bagley if he threw it off the glass to himself on purpose there.

  14. When you’re very confident that you’ll be vindicated. https://t.co/SSik5PdUGj

  15. RT @ClickHole: Diversity Win: Necco Wafers Has Promised To Cast A Person Of Color The Next Time It Makes A Commercial https://t.co/5C06PIhT…