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  1. @shannonrwatts @TriesteKDunn My brothers elementary school started doing this and put in a camera too. Previously a… https://t.co/b0iDJbrmIZ

  2. House just passed the bill sending it to potus. Crap I was hoping for a furlough.

  3. I just deployed a high performance cloud server on https://t.co/Pk4eBKd32H ! #ILoveVultr #Cloud https://t.co/iZhSEk5iv8

  4. @Babymagik32 hang in there. You guys will be back. Plus if it wasn’t for the Saints D the game would have been out… https://t.co/v1GjXpqZLk

  5. It's TIME for CUDDLES!!!! #BARCS #kitties #cats #cat #tgif

  6. @RealGHough also are your mics covered? “p”, “s”, and “b” are harsh. You can get fuzzy things.

  7. @RealGHough Love the show! Keep up the good work :)

  8. Sprint should be the official carrier of abortions because whatever you’re trying to do, you’ll have to abort. #tooslow #sprint #lte #iphone

  9. @internetarchive So, uh, you guys are down. Outage started at 5:28 or so EST.

  10. twitter sms help

  11. #baltimore #bmore come on down to our adoption event in Westminster! 5 puppies and 17 kittens plus adults!

  12. @VerizonSupport It’s back! What causes something like this from a technical standpoint? DHCP issue? DNS?

  13. Nice. I ended up picking up https://4gantennashop.com/ rural america plan. $65 a month but T-Mobile is way faster than Sprint in my area. Like 50 Mbps vs 15 Mbps. Hope more people use the Calyx plan. Bargain for rural users.
  14. Well that's BS. Companies shouldn't be able to artificially limit devices for political reasons.
  15. I remember reading an article about this, the Calyx Institute (which does a lot of good work with Internet privacy and encryption) announced that members who join their $500/yr Contributer membership level will get 1 hotspot with unlimited Sprint data for 1 year. This works out to $41.67 a month, and every year after the first is $400 a year, or $33.33 a month. This might be quite attractive to rural members who are looking to cut costs. Plus the donation is tax-deductible. Has anyone taken them up on this offer?