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  1. On Universal Blvd below the Wawa, just above International Drive in my hotel and my phone is struggling on B26. Keeps dropping to 800x but the data is non existant. Outside, a fairly strong B41 signal.
  2. I've been getting some pretty shitty speeds on b26 lately in various parts of the city the last couple weeks. Screenshots coming.
  3. I was in Southwest Atlanta by Frederick Douglas High School
  4. Inside Chipotle across from Cumberland Mall.
  5. Possible. I know, I sent 2 text messages to the person, I was picking up and they didn't arrive until I was leaving the airport (about 5-7 minutes). Ill have to check the timestamps in the morning.
  6. New Band 41 in Tucker by Sprint Store/Northlake Mall About 1/2 mile down the street by Wells Fargo where the signal was stronger.
  7. Band 41 at the Airport Outside of South Terminal in the Cell Phone Lot.
  8. Loyalty Service Credit: Available only to existing customers while activated on qualified legacy service plans on select Android devices leased Sprint Lease, Eligible legacy service plans are Unlimited My Way, My All-in, Everything Data, Sprint Business Advantage, Sprint Business Advantage Data Share, and Sprint Business Essentials plans and must remain in good standing. The purchase price at the end of the lease is $200 for all S6 models. S6 32= $120+200=$320 S6 64= $240+200=440 Not a bad deal, if you wanna get a new phone at the end of the lease or upgrade early but if you wanna own it, may as well get the 2 year contract but you save on taxes doing the lease.
  9. Pretty shitty B26 on 85 by the UPS Depot and Quiktrip.
  10. I figured as much but I couldn't see in the dark. I did catch the Band 41 that I assume is the one for the farther up the road when I was coming down PIB.
  11. I missed the Shane's but I took this test on PIB by the NAPA warehouse.
  12. Oh ok. Just a bit below the Sprout's.
  13. Mav, where are you running your test in Norcross?
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