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  1. @johndyer 😳

  2. Goodness! We've *never* done that..... 🤥🤣 https://t.co/7g0YgGQ1CS

  3. A bit cold for soccer IMHO, but the game must go on.....? https://t.co/KTJXC0z3Av

  4. RT @treyford: Can’t stress this enough. Making vulnerable discussions safe, reducing harm, and being approachable partners are apex trait…

  5. @dnlongen I lived near there for a long time. Beautiful country. 😁 Thanks for the photos!

  6. RT @DanielMiessler: When an instructor admits there's so much more about this subject that they don't know, and that they learn more all th…

  7. RT @_youhadonejob1: Most accurate pie chart ever. https://t.co/Zv4wrhvxWd

  8. @PhilHagen Also, I must not value my privacy enough since I filled it out anyway and gave my real first name with a… https://t.co/wptOA0AbC7

  9. @dnlongen Yeah, that's definitely not "better". I'm sorry to hear that. That's super frustrating.

  10. @dnlongen Wow

  11. RT @spann: I will never stop being amazed by watching the atmosphere... https://t.co/1itt1pBoEz

  12. @ThreeTwoEephus @ZHBuchanan Indeed. Thanks for highlighting it.

  13. @NatureisScary Also, zero pain, but stress levels off the charts.

  14. Super happy baseball season is here - and so is Stephen! 😁⚾😁 https://t.co/g9QXq092My

  15. RT @HydeNS33k: I.... did not see that coming. https://t.co/50a2amx81G