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  1. How soon for T-Mobile? They bought a 700 MHz license there and have an unlimited roaming partnership with GCI (biggest coverage and possibly biggest provider in AK).
  2. nk1

    Bought an LG Tribute for network tracking

    Any dialing codes for this device?
  3. I bought an LG Tribute to track the rollout of Sprint Spark (and to test Network Vision service as well) in my area. Is there anything I should know when I start tracking? Any particular apps I should get or dialing codes I should know?
  4. Out of nowhere, Blue Wireless is participating in this. Blue's network has been pretty bad up until this point only offering 1x service. What I don't understand is that Blue's coverage is only cities. Cities that Sprint covers nonetheless. In New York: Binghamton Buffalo Elmira Jamestown Dunkirk Niagara Falls In Pennsylvania: Scranton Wilkes-Barre All have native Sprint coverage and some have 4G LTE. I'm in Scranton and we definitely have Network Vision rolled out here. Blue's plans beat everyone else though. $46 for everything including unlimited high-speed data. Blue definitely runs its own network too.