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  1. How soon for T-Mobile? They bought a 700 MHz license there and have an unlimited roaming partnership with GCI (biggest coverage and possibly biggest provider in AK).
  2. Any dialing codes for this device?
  3. I bought an LG Tribute to track the rollout of Sprint Spark (and to test Network Vision service as well) in my area. Is there anything I should know when I start tracking? Any particular apps I should get or dialing codes I should know?
  4. Out of nowhere, Blue Wireless is participating in this. Blue's network has been pretty bad up until this point only offering 1x service. What I don't understand is that Blue's coverage is only cities. Cities that Sprint covers nonetheless. In New York: Binghamton Buffalo Elmira Jamestown Dunkirk Niagara Falls In Pennsylvania: Scranton Wilkes-Barre All have native Sprint coverage and some have 4G LTE. I'm in Scranton and we definitely have Network Vision rolled out here. Blue's plans beat everyone else though. $46 for everything including unlimited high-speed data. Blue definitely runs its own network too.
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