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  1. I thought I saw it posted here previously, but has anyone else seen the issue where the blue notification light is ALWAYS blinking.
  2. only thing I might recommend is taking it BACK (unless you got a wicked discount or had to had it now) since the new note 5 is expected to be announced august 15, and out august 2x..you'll have a substantial drop in value depending on features. The new note 5 is expected to be the highest quality/spec android device for now. Downsides might be lack of exchangeable battery and possibly galaxy 6 style. Glass/metal back, etc..
  3. So, I was JUST coming back to give everyone an update on this. Yesterday at about 10:15 PST I had 71% battery life left, after having taken it off the charger at 05:00 PST Tuesday morning. The ONLY thing I have done is as I described, I turned ON the notifications in the Settings>Accessibility>Notification area. It appears that notification light is function as it was before, blinking when there is say new messages, emails, etc., even though previously it was doing this and the notification settings were turned OFF. So, it's ON now and still doing the blinking (and I should say even though I actually UNCHECKED ALL on the applications list, so technically it should NOT be doing notifications at all) Well, that was 23:30 HOURS AGO, and I still have 32% battery life. Power savings says it should run another 8:00 hours, which would put the run time at 36 hours easy, and that is after having had it run down to 70% yesterday morning in 5 hours, so I think starting at 100% it should now run even better. This is the ONLY thing I did to the device and usage patterns, locations are the same (home, work, 3rd place), and usage is probably higher actually since I used GPS and had to connect to several new WIFI yesterday. So, I really think SOMETHING is going on there. Another question for the group, when YOU go into that area of accessbility>notifications and then click on the LED NOTIFICATIONS button, does it take a LONG time to get to that final page? For me, after I click on the NOTIFICATION REMINDER selection, the screen goes black and it takes about 5-7 seconds to get to the actual LED notifications page? Now, I haven't turned it off yet again, which I will try next, but if ANYONE is having battery problems currently, maybe try there first. See if it is ON, if it is OFF turn it ON..maybe switch back and forth. This really has dramatically changed the experience for my unit at least. Oh, one more question. Is there someplace where it now say how long it has been running, or does one just have to do the math from the DATE/TIME on the left side of the graph to NOW?
  4. OH, I have about 100 apps, but only use 5-7 daily pretty heavily. Probably have to bite the bullet.
  5. No, I wouldn't say I'm a power user.. there are about five accounts configured on the phone, I use about 6-7 apps regularly, for reading, RSS feeds, slingplayer, others. I couldn't give you ON time for the device from an historical perspective, but I'm just REALLY surprised at the huge drop (can't be described in any other way) of the non-use or standby time. I honestly went from 50-60 hours time off charger to 18 max. That just doesn't make sense to me at all. Phone was really great at that, and now it's just not. I'm afraid that a complete restore is the only option to at least TRY at this point. Any other thoughts much appreciated. And also if anyone has any good tips on doing the reset/restore. Is there anything one should restore, or just rebuild the whole phone up from the ground up again?
  6. yeah I'm in a similar habit, mostly 80-90% on wifi. honestly, the phone stayed HOME a lot of the time since I carry an iphone as daily driver. I'm just really surprised that the sit around time, standby, check mail every 30 or so (come to think of it where IS this setting, maybe it changed without notice) I'm surprised that amount of time change for me from 60 hours to 15-18 hours max.
  7. Yeah color me equally unimpressed with this update due to battery life. With 4.4.4 I would typically get 24-36 hours of battery life, sometimes 2.5-3 DAYS!..it was unquestionably the best phone for battery life that I had ever used. Now since the 5.0.1 update on sprint, I'm lucky to get 18-20 hours. Granted, it's not the end of the world but just a VERY DIFFERENT world than I was in 72 hours ago. I thought maybe it was usage, so yesterday I decided to just charge it and unplug it and let it run down. typically some weekend days I would even forget about the phone and by late Sunday night I would pull it up and it was be at like 4% battery and have not been charged for 50-60 hours...but yesterday I charged it, put it in the same place it usually sits and this morning it was down to 40% and now it's dead. Didn't even go 18 hours before dying. There really isn't anything about lollipop that excites me, I don't find the speed of the UI much faster or offering better elements at this point I'd prefer to be able to go back to kitkat. The ONE thing I do notice that is different is that in my battery usage screen, Cell Standby is always the #1 thing on the list using 5-8% of the overall battery usage. This was never the case before, CS was usally 3-5th, but using much less than the android system in general...so maybe Sprint changed some element of the tower connection algorithm? I've done the cache clear-out and swapped the battery a couple times. If anyone has any other thoughts about how to get it working like it did, I'm all ears.
  8. I just got a notification over the weekend that "my area" was going to be getting upgrades in the next month. I'm in the Palo Alto / Menlo Park area, and there really isn't any coverage to speak of there. San Mateo, sure, but not in these two areas. Would be nice, just in time for a new note 3 upgrade.
  9. Funny, the leaked sheet showed "San Fran Bay Area" but yes, didn't explicitly say Bay Area.
  10. There was a report this morning that all these markets are getting turned up to full on 4/12/13. Could be a bit early!
  11. Seems like a DEARTH of reports in the Bay Area. Yeah, it's nearly april and we don't have too much coverage.
  12. I'd really like to upgrade to this, but have another 1 yr on my sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE. Man, couldn't they make a nice upgrade path and let me pay something reasonable!
  13. The Menlo Park, CA area I'm trying to map out a bit more. It's not too big a town, so going up and down enough streets isn't taking too long. Funny thing is, I would say these towers are ON mostly in the night and early AM. Could that be? Sometimes during the day, I don't connect at 4G LTE at all? But, I'm getting up to 26MB down and 14GB up!
  14. Seem the peninsula is getting some upgrades. There is now coverage in Menlo Park, CA with 4g LTE. I almost thought my phone was broken till I ran some speed tests. I'll map it with sensorly a bit later today.
  15. Today in West Menlo Park, CA where I have not seen ANY coverage at all in the past there is now some nice 20MB LTE. I'm going to do a little driving around Menlo Park and see what the borders of the coverage are. This area always had the updated CMDA first EP*** but I didn't think we'd get any real coverage here for a while.
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