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  1. We forgot to take a selfie. But we were there today and so glad to see everyone. https://t.co/2DN4Pee1nC

  2. We did the shake, rattle and roll a few minutes ago. https://t.co/vpl015ZeMc

  3. Just posted a photo https://t.co/NvOYmrCv0I

  4. Good 1st half! #jayhawks #rockchalk #letsgoku https://t.co/5z0YXm0vOE

  5. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/N5c8bEuteu HAND DELIVERING MAVERICK MERCH TO KSI’S HOUSE!

  6. Couldn't breathe today so I guess today was off https://t.co/ZJBwOURWec

  7. Didn't go outside but still did a mile. Gotta keep it up. @ La Quinta Inn & Suites Stillwater… https://t.co/lHF5u6BIG8

  8. @rkyncl https://t.co/28K9tFsQGR isn't playing back right. Do you know why? It's 45 minutes long but only goes 3 minutes.

  9. Not bad. Love saving my points and cashing in. https://t.co/DYR0VtRbO8

  10. Some sunrise pictures I took yesterday. https://t.co/TxHjft1PZH

  11. @True_ACGHD @KEEMSTAR Have you ever seen a dead body like that or been around death? My wife said some members of h… https://t.co/yrP2o961I4

  12. 非常冷! I think this is probably the coldest high temperature Wichita has seen in a few years, but… https://t.co/tC9PdIGIN0

  13. 刚刚发布了照片 https://t.co/thvwzlpvLa

  14. Back at it. https://t.co/gr9licMGrb

  15. Not too bad today all things considered. For some reason the app didn't start right so my time… https://t.co/gI6wBx0pFa

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