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  1. parents recently moved over by world golf village in st augustine. i visited today and there is a tower right there and i get 5 bars. it is B26 and no B41, but I got 30mbps download speed on a test earlier today. if only i could get those speeds in my house in orlando
  2. I remember reading a while back that even if you unlock a 4s from Sprint, it still can't be used on other US carriers. Is this still the case or did someone find away around it? I don't mind having to do a little work to get it working, I just can't find a recent discussion about it via google
  3. didn't apple release something a few months ago where the source file of the code on their website showed someone forgot a semicolon or parenthesis in a function and that is why it was wonky? i think it might have been that https bug. what if same thing happened again lol
  4. iOS 8.0.1 update kills cell service. my phone says "No Service" now. tons of other people reporting it. apple dun goofed
  5. don't know what to expect from b41. i did a speed test right by CFE arena, got 9.78mbps down 2.95 up with a 66ms ping. hope to get better eventually
  6. i am amazed by the screen size even on a standard 6. holy shit, i always knew the iPhone had small screens, but this is life changing right now
  7. is it the same as always? lol finally got my phone restored, just taking forever to download all of my apps now. buying an iPhone day one is not that great
  8. can't restore over iCloud, keep getting errors :\
  9. I'm waiting, second on the board. I wish I had known they would have it sooner, would have left earlier. Gonna miss my first class for it now but well worth it lol
  10. Called the store this morning, guy said they should be getting the next shipment any minute and to try again in an hour
  11. I don't think my pre-order is in at the store. I would probably have it tomorrow if I had just done it online
  12. Anyone get a call from the sprint store yet? The guy I pre-ordered from said he had yet to even reserve a 64gb so I should be good but I haven't heard anything yet
  13. Is there anything really noteworthy in this update? The new keyboard is alright but it hasn't done much for me.
  14. When will I find out if I will be able to pick up my preorder in the store tomorrow?
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