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  1. @dosnostalgic tada.wav

  2. love being an ?????????? https://t.co/JjpMdcbja6

  3. @dosnostalgic corp por

  4. @visceraxx It’s like reverse edging.

  5. Why do I keep buying Far Cry games when I’ve never come close to beating any of them.

  6. RT @dosnostalgic: Did you ever get so drunk you woke up to a registered version of WinRAR?

  7. @xomputer Uh here’s your 800 calorie toast

  8. Ah, the Rage Sack. https://t.co/WkCey8GuGJ

  9. Can I get a blood pressure check on @bradshoemaker ? #thefloorislava

  10. @wraithgar @cavecanine I’m calling the police.

  11. Get fuuuuucked NRA https://t.co/BXwJTWHkMQ

  12. https://t.co/o1XtvJgF2x

  13. @Chiffrobe @cushbomb We got one at my office. It currently looks like this. https://t.co/jl2TbEtdlL

  14. @SomeSpacePope Fuck I said the same thing DELETE TWEET

  15. Someone needs to make a cover in the vein of “NOW THATS WHAT I CALL SHAREWARE ‘93” https://t.co/B87aoHPzLA

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