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  1. On my data modem, picked up weak LTE last night (about 1.5-2.5 speeds). This AM played with my Ant. pointing a bit and improved it to upto 4 Mpbs down, 2.5 Mpgs up (still somewhat weak signals). Picked up 2 Hex Cell ID's on the router... 7a04101 (probably Van Meter) and 7a05001 (guessing Waukee?) I don't know how useful those numbers are, but LTE is SO much better! Get this going on Band 26, and Life will be Grand!
  2. I've been picking up1x800 with BID's 11667, 11538, and 11522. It tends to rotate among these at times. I assume this is from the Boonville road tower West of Jordon Creak since that's were I'm close to, but could not find these specifics in the list. Also been using a data modem the past few months. Had a lot of resets the last few weeks and mostly bad performance, but 3G signal just got stronger the past few days or so. Boonville tower since my Ant. is pointed towards it. Hopefully this is good for the 4G turn up soon!
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