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  1. Huzzah, I'm getting 4G LTE at work right now! Watching a replay of the Oregon vs Washington St. game on the WatchESPN app and the quality looks good! I'm off of Metric and Braker.
  2. I didn't take the screenshot until I got home. The icons on the left show that the speed tests were done over the mobile network.
  3. Just found some 4G LTE on West Louis Henna right at Mopac and 45. I stopped the car and did some speed tests. Had Sensorly going, too. http://i.imgur.com/5KHak.png Can't wait until we get coverage all over town!
  4. Actually, nevermind, I drove by and there actually is a tower right there on 290E and Creekside, Dr.
  5. Any idea of a tower location near 290E and Creekside Dr?
  6. Awww yeah, can't wait to use 4G LTE with unlimited data! It's gonna be so awesome.
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