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  1. No LTE at the club tonight. But as soon as I stepped outside to socialize, I had full LTE bars. What's the deal? Does Sprint's LTE signal not work inside buildings or what? I know they have the 800 mhz plans or whatever, will that help inside buildings? Hopefully the next iPhone will support tri-band! And when is the deployment plan (I know nobody has the answer here, totally understand that, just frustrated and want to talk with other knowledgeable individuals on this forum)
  2. My phone has been doing that for the past five nights. Won't say which tower since we're not in the sponsor section. I'm assuming they're testing and/or tweaking the new NV equipment.
  3. Just drove from DSM to Lincoln, NE and picked up some LTE somewhere along I-80. Had to do a quick speed test, and HOLY CRAP! http://i.imgur.com/GZysvQf.jpg
  4. And for the record, I was hitting 15+ Mbps as I passed by Karl's Chevorlet last night. Granted, it was 3AM, but still.
  5. Dude, I'd take consistent 2 meg LTE over the basically unusable 3G we've had lately. Like I said, as long as I can stream stuff in my car, I'm happy.
  6. Just confirming the Ankeny cluster, drove back to DSM from Ames earlier tonight and had consitent LTE all the way from just north of 1st St. exit on 35 until University Ave. exit on 235! I know because (I shouldn't have been doing this, but I'm so desperate/frustrated/excited/idk with Sprint's network in DSM) I was doing constant speed tests while I was driving South along 35/235, and, I had at least 3-4 Mbps at every given point. Can't wait to have this across the entire metro, it was SO NICE to be able to stream Spotify without buffering, even if it was only for fifteen minutes or so!
  7. I know this adds nothing useful to the conversation, but yesterday alone I had three dropped calls in the span of 10 minutes. C'mon Sprint, we're almost there! Let's get this done!
  8. One of my FB friends just said that he is getting LTE downtown as of this afternoon! Can anyone confirm?
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