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  1. @torilynnelliott Post steroids power team

  2. Ok like I appreciate all of Pr. Trump criticism you do. However, insinuating a child is a love child is inappropria… https://t.co/GGSTI2XcZb

  3. @lloxitte Lion King is at least final four?!?!?

  4. Seeing the packers spent money.... https://t.co/Lr3yffTN8E

  5. @mortreport @Stugotz790 you good?

  6. My wife just texted me a BB8 gif as a part of our conversation. I am so in love with her.

  7. RT @espn: We've unearthed footage of The Great Soup Incident of 2018. https://t.co/ARNRjAVnon

  8. RT @LeBatard_Reddit: When anyone suggests a new podcast to me https://t.co/fmltGjRBzG

  9. RT @SatanTheEvilCat: actual footage of my dog begging for my food #fergie https://t.co/4bIAbsMeBG

  10. RT @Stugotz790: Please help. https://t.co/lUY8UIRHVs

  11. RT @benshapiro: 100% true https://t.co/vKOp4SCRNZ

  12. RT @glennbeck: We need to support the Women of Europe and the world. THE MEDIA WILL IGNORE. There are women being raped, mutilated, killed…

  13. RT @SaraCarterDC: Transcript Shows The Daily Beast Peddled Fake News About Devin Nunes https://t.co/bYd1xtH8jH

  14. RT @FUDGEDUP: @MichaelRyanRuiz @billygil afiladoooorrr https://t.co/qz4eUMIiuI

  15. RT @minakimes: must-read piece by @JohnBarrESPN and @DanMurphyESPN on predatory doctor Larry Nassar and his enablers. We still aren't givin…

  16. RT @NorahODonnell: Did you speak with any members of the President’s Cabinet for this book? “I did not.” Did you speak with the Vice Presid…

  17. RT @MichaelRyanRuiz: We will indeed have a dedicated ESPN3 feed that will stay on us for the entire duration of the the National Championsh…

  18. RT @BillsEire: 32. We 31. Should 30. Stop 29. Trying 28. To 27. Predict 26. The 25. Order 24. Of 23. The 22. 2019 21. Draft 20. Because 19.…

  19. I just spent an hour building a car. I now know why my parents couldn’t get out of bed when I was little.?

  20. @shaggy_allstar @dannykanell Yes you are correct which now they will have to pay a tax on as well. Point is, there… https://t.co/Z7NErvC360

  21. @JohnOehser @mortreport Still #70 for Chris Simms. @LeBatardShow @Stugotz790

  22. RT @BostonGlobe: Some women said the environment at ESPN can be so hostile, they've hid pregnancies. One anchor even did her scheduled bro…

  23. RT @TravWeav: Bought 1,500 bitcoin in 2011 for $2.87 each. I will pick 5 random people who retweet this and give one to each of you. Merry…

  24. @LainieBrunetto This is the epitome of first world problems.

  25. @RobDemovsky It was nice having you Mike. This is the nail in the coffin.

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