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  1. Like I was telling u guys I don't get LTE at home and I walked 100 feet from my house and I get it. And here's a screen photo of the speed as well.
  2. Well I love right access the town heheh. When I leave my house I get LTE.
  3. This sucks I still can't get lte from this town :-(. It's on 2nd ave and Orlabor road in Ankeny.
  4. Here's one more engineering pic for u guys. The BID. Has changed I hope that's good news.
  5. Yes it is, I was driving by it today and they were doing some tests on it
  6. Yes it is, I was driving by it today and they were doing some tests on it
  7. My signal has improved, my download sleeps used to be 0.10 and it's much faster now. I'm in Ankeny and I hope we see LTE soon.
  8. take a look at my post that I just did I got some pics that I took they are not the best pics tho
  9. heres few pics of the new tower. the tower was not there yesterday, when I was driving home I seen them putting it up from the ground up. all the cabinets and everything is installed.
  10. There's a new tower that are putting up in ankeny on 2nd ave and orleber not sure if it sprint or somebody else. If anyone has any info let me know since its few blocks from my house.
  11. Yeah that's in ankeny. I have no clue which tower, i took a screen shoot but I don't know how to add the pic on here.
  12. I was at work today I work on daloware and 58th ave. and I was playing w my and and looked up and i was having LTE for about 30 min.
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