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  1. Is there a iPhone app to check where the tower youre connected too? like signal check?
  2. Hmm. Also any reports of 800 of in longview? im pretty sure the tower im connected to is 1900
  3. That would make sense. but mostly i used 3G while in tyler. Maybe its about to be officially launched in Tyler in the next month or so.
  4. seem to have LTE all around longview just a few areas where i don't get it but its pretty fast!
  5. Sprint has updated coverage maps with 4G LTE in longview! so LTE is official in Longview:D
  6. LTE is live but its only doing the green one on Samsung S3 and full bars so i couldn't load anything which was weird.. but i've notice that when i'm inside LTE doesn't work and i'm back on 3G
  7. How does one make your iphone show - instead of 3G

  8. just wish this tower by my house would go live again... For some reason its in donut mode. it was broadcasting LTE two weeks ago but today i had no 3G so maybe it's a sign
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