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  1. Vegas has wimax coverage already lte may be a different story. At this point and time if you dont have wimax you will not get it.
  2. My clear representative. If you have a clear partner call your rep they can confirm.
  3. T from what I understand any tower using huawei equipment only need a softwate update and the rrus do not need to be replaced just configured. There current ruus on the tower support wimax TD LTE . I think the name of the solution is singleran.
  4. maybe they aren't planing to run LTE and wimax side by side if this is the case will they still need to replace them. Just asking ?
  5. backhaul is a major issue here in south Florida for sprint . From what I was explained the ruu antennas between wimax and LTE are the same on the 2500mhz band .
  6. seriously. I have LTE all over the city except of course my house the closest tower (across the street) is a clear owned wimax tower. My clear rep told me most of the towers (in my market) have already been converted and the only reason they haven't been turned on is due to permits and lack of support at this point.
  7. I didn't read this. I work at a cellular store in North Miami Beach my clear rep told me. Also he said the best buy latest shipment of wimax clear devices was canceled. We were told sell what we have in stock now because after the 31st it will be dead stock and we will also lose access to the portal. If you know a clear rep give him a call they can confirm.
  8. Clearwire is officially closing after the 31st of august they won't allow any new activations after that date. They also will be clossing the portal for all dealers. Judging by this wimax will be shut down earlier than later probably by Sep 2014.
  9. RT @nikebasketball: Call @KingJames to congratulate him on back-to-back championships. (305) 767-2226 #WitnessHistory

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