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  1. for the record; I have at least a #PresidentialReadingLevel

  2. Mean while in Atlanta, @Braves fall to the Nationals, 8-1. #ComeOnBraves

  3. RT @BallOfDuty_KB: 7-3 Win Makes Us 4-0 on the Season! https://t.co/CaejF3Y9Dr

  4. RT @BallOfDuty_KB: Big 14-2 victory for the #BallofDuty #Ballers https://t.co/qtGXZ8bQDT

  5. ?‍♂️ me thinking that tonight i was going to get a good nights sleep. instead i spend more time away than asleep. Oy Vey!

  6. Rest in Peace #StephenHawking

  7. Yea yea. #39. ? https://t.co/3KYXTsnqKc

  8. @MaryKingTV @wis10 I26 West after St. andrews. St Trooper on the scene. https://t.co/KUi38nTGxE

  9. #nofilter Turkey ad Cheddar Zucchini Wrap https://t.co/c4FZ3i3ZVI

  10. RT @AAN_pod: And just think of all the new gun purchasers. Imagine, anywhere between 750,000 to 2,500,000 new customers. Gun manufacturers…

  11. Great to have Keith Cooper on the program tonight! Check it out! Make sure to follow! https://t.co/0vXkNzGbMy

  12. Great having @carolinaking21 on with me for the #podcast! https://t.co/v8qkP5wKct

  13. #NoExcuses But here we are! New #pod is up! https://t.co/orIxTCohdz

  14. RT @AAN_pod: Mean while, over in @realDonaldTrump #RepublicanParty... https://t.co/waq1OYZkas

  15. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/W3qliMj7Dr 2018-02-06 | Night Scape

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