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  1. This is a bummer to hear. Is there any way to get Sprint's attention so they can look into it? I paid more attention to my data connection today while I'm at work, and didn't notice any of the same behavior. I work on the other side of downtown near the Western Gateway, so I'm assuming I'm connecting to a different tower while I'm at work. You got it, boss.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I'm located at 2nd & Grand, just down the street from Wells. My s/o uses a regular iPhone 5. I would be curious to know how an Android performs in the same vicinity. Sorry about the no-Wifi to those that may be offended. Centurylink really is the pits, and so are their wireless routers. My house isn't wired for cable internet so we're stuck on DSL. Please take pity on me
  3. Hi all! Happy to report that I've been able to pull fantastically fast speeds in many areas of Des Moines in the past few months. I live & work downtown, and mostly have no problems. This evening I was even able to pull 31mb down/12 up in a speedtest. Awesomely fast. I do have one annoying issue that has been happening lately -- in my home, I will be using my data for a fairly decent amount of time and then it seems like my connection "resets" even though my signal strength stays at full bars. Try as I might, the only thing I can do to fix this is to reset the data connection by going in and out of airplane mode. My s/o has to do the same thing. It's confusing to me as I'm able to pull such high data speeds in my house, yet can't maintain a consistent connection. It doesn't appear to have anything to do with the activity either - as it can happen anywhere from reading emails to streaming videos and everything in between. FWIW, I'm on an iPhone 5s, and I don't even use WIFI at home because generally my data speeds are faster (thanks Centurylink) than my internet connection. Any insight? It's gotten annoying enough that I'm considering testing some alternative carriers, as much as I don't want to have to go that route.
  4. How accurate is the tower location map on Sprint's website? The tower in the Western Gateway Park downtown looks like it's located at approximately 15th & Walnut (on top of the Crane Co. building?). I'd love to try and get some pictures since I live & work within blocks, but having trouble figuring out if this is truly the correct tower location. If it is on top of the building it might be tough since there aren't many public buildings in the area with a proper vantage point. Might get lucky from the Nationwide parking garage. If my hunch is correct, would it be possible the hardware is housed inside the building?
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