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  1. Whose handling memberships now ? I sent in some cash to become a sponsor again..
  2. Wow, i thought this site would never get done
  3. No issues here .... Hope u get it figured out
  4. I got 1x800 inside meijer grocery store... I made call also.. Perfect clarity
  5. So I guess the person fishing doesn't like donuts? That's what I always thought was funny about the donut jokes- who the he** doesn't like 'em?
  6. For the most part Apple has a good record in manners like this. I mentioned before both my iPhone 5c and wife iPhone5 being replaced on the spot ( at the Apple store ) under warranty with no charges.. hers for a home button and mine for a screen issue..
  7. I can tell you ive aleady downloaded nearly 150 apps on my iPhone 6+ 128GB Gold... and theres more then you'd think that are awesome.. I may never use half of them often.. but its sweet to have alot of options
  8. It was a necessary design trade-off, allowing better optics into the iPhone 6 over whats in the iPadA2a Apple likes clean lines in its product designs so you know they really needed that space.
  9. Under what conditions do you feel this happened?
  10. Nice ! Is this Sprint's network or another company on the roaming partners deal ? Yes, i know it says "Sprint LTE" at the top of your screen, but I thought it also did ( on my phone ) when I was roaming on that other company's LTE near WV... the one company that uses the same equipment as Sprint .. ??? cant remember the name.... Arghhh
  11. EDIT: I understand what you're implying now, but when I captured this similar screen I was not out of airplane mode. I was driving though an area where traffic was moving 5 mph during rush hour.. I went out of engineering mode.. made a call to see if I could.. went back into engineering where the status had not changed.. there was a "bad value" reading for maybe 5 mins - kept toggling to check...then it simply went to no reading ( it had nothing there ) for several mins.,.If this was a sign of searching I'd think It would go away quick;y and if it didn't - then I wouldnt be able to make a call.... but I had tested this by making a call then again went back to engineering from that after endiing the call.. I thought one of the advantages of e/csfb was the ability to use both LTE and make calls on a CDMA network at the same time if implemented by carrier? I know some are eager for 1x800, but if you're in an area where call quality is mostly superb like where i am - then you're not looking for eagerly for a solution. Id think in a year when voLTE rolls out it would matter even less. Plus wi-fi calling .... Is my thinking way off?
  12. See post 1204 and post 1210 if you haven't already
  13. It seems Aj's theory was incorrect.. The iP6 can connect to it..Read post on previous page: :A user did connect to 1x800 and posted a screen shot on post #1204 and mentioned again at post 1210 that a ATT user next to him had no service where he did have 1x800
  14. Yeah I've already done this... In some areas it won't show me any data tell me if it's pcs or not but usually it'll say pcs or just have nothing listed... Why does my phone say sprint 17. 1 but have no prl code? Does 17. 1 have any benefit
  15. Please explain... My phone says 17. 1 also and sometimes when I turn off LTE and look for 1x800 it gives no number at all where 800 would be pcs or otherwise... Or says 'bad value'.... What's the deal with 17. 1
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