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  1. I have Iphone 4s using a Sprint phone in Erie,pa now is kind of like having a ipod touch with a contract.You get unlimited nothing now.
  2. If it doesn't improve before the New Iphone comes out I'm going to start looking at other providers it's unusable now.
  3. I understand we have no time table on this but would you say this is going to take years or is this something that is maybe a couple of months down the road to get atleast the 3g to usuable speeds?Thanks
  4. I'm starting to believe Network Vision is a Myth in Erie,PA the highest data I have ever received is 0.04 since I bought the phone about a year a half ago.Maybe be leaving sooner then later.I have had my phone checked and everything.
  5. The 3G is really slow omost unusable at times.I just hope we are on the list for 4G soon
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