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  1. Oh yea im sure there's some wholes still left to be filled but I was just saying from Monday-Sunday the path I travel im consistently blanketed in LTE
  2. can't really think of any places that I go in tyler w/o lte. ...seems to be pretty well covered
  3. You know its funny because alot of people I know here in Tyler ditched Sprint for the lack of 4G data and slow speeds and switched to Verizon or AT&T but I told them they would regret it when Sprint fully deployed LTE which is close to being done here in Tyler and now that they dont have unlimited data and extremely high bills they want to come running back to Sprint especially when i tell them my LTE coverage hardly goes away (except in buildings sometimes) they only wish they were still with Sprint. Idk about the rest of Sprints 4G markets across the U.S. but I can truly say 4G data in Tyler for Sprint is doing wonders
  4. My speeds at home are a whole lot better at last. I think im connected to the tower downtown now vs the one over on Gentry. I was downtown today and noticed I had a full LTE signal and got 30 mbps down and now my LTE stays connected at home and im averaging 9mbps down vs the 1 or 2mbps I was getting from another tower. Great job Sprint!!
  5. Yea but if you Iook on sprint there are 2 towers closer than the one by rose stadium. Theres on a Gentry by the hotels and theres also a tower on 69 about half a mile from the loop. I've never had a connection to the one by the stadium at my house. Isn't there an app to see what tower you're connected to but in all honesty I think im on the one on Gentry
  6. I finally started getting LTE at my house about 2 weeks ago. The majority of the time my signal is 4G but sometimes its not usable and will switch back to 3G. I do speedtests all the time and mostly they're 3G speeds (1.2mbps and below) but last night I hit 9mbps down twice but now im back down to about 2/3mbps. I dont know exactly what tower im connected to but there's a tower over on Gentry by the Holiday Inn that seems to be my tower. The closer I drive to that tower the better the speeds (15-20mbps) so hopefully whichever tower it is the performance will pick up. Maybe there is closer tower that isn't broadcasting LTE yet. Help me Jeremyvbk oh and i stay right off of North Broadway on Border street not far from North Loop 323
  7. Have u found any new sites in Tyler....coverage is getting better over here in North Tyler but hasn't reached my house yet
  8. yea I was talking about a 4g signal with 5 bars. But I thought the more bars the better the speeds for 3g/4g. I know there are more things that factor Into speed but usually I get faster speeds with more bars and I know bars dont tell the true story of your signal
  9. No! I'm struggling to get 1mbps down outside with 5 bars....something is wrong
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