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  1. I found 4G closer to my house in Washington DC today. It was on Sherman Ave south of Harvard in the NW. Southern Columbia Heights/Northern Shaw area.
  2. I finally got a 4G connection around the U Street corridor in Washington DC today. I was driving through 13th and U (NW) and knew there was supposed to be an updated tower in the area, flipped my Evo LTE into and out of airplane mode and got the fabled 4G. I wish I lived closer to the area, but hopefully soon enough Sprint will light up some more towers. They're sending me an airave in the meantime which is great because my phone is essentially unusable in my neighborhood right now.
  3. Well that's good. I'm going to stay as long as I can, but Sprint needs to justify my monthly bill.
  4. I keep telling myself "it's about to get better, it's about to get better" but it hurts shelling out $95/ month for service I'm not getting. I couldn't even stream a podcast on my walk yesterday. My friend as an old Iphone 3g on ATT and her internet is significantly faster than mine. I'm also hearing that Sprint's LTE is spotty (at best) when they do go live. Basically I'm going to wait to see if NV fixes the problem, but I'm really close to jumping ship.
  5. DC has gotten so bad that I'm thinking of selling my phone, paying the ETF and going to a different carrier. Unlimited data means very little when you can't use your phone unless you're on wifi.
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