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  1. In Richmond we are getting lte in areas. My question is when they decide to flip the switch will we see a stronger signal?
  2. I went from Virginia to Kentucky thru West Virginia and didn't drop signal one time. I was switched to ntelos most of the time while in W Virginia. Never roamed the whole time
  3. so once 3g is 100% they will add 4g to those towers also.
  4. Noticed that the last couple of days I've been getting ev-do rev a (B41) with some lte mixed in. Anybody else getting this?
  5. Took a camping trip I'm in Henderson NC and been getting lte all weekend. The middle of no where. Really Sprint
  6. I work out in sandston and the tower I connect to is on Portuguese rd. On the map it's just a brown dot. What does that mean?
  7. You right been living in that area for over twenty years and still get crossed up
  8. Got these numbers while eating at sushi box on Robius rd near courthouse
  9. LTE is on and off around my house. Midlothian and Wadsworth.
  10. The intersection of Midlothian and Wadsworth.LTE would pop up but no bars. It's frustrating with the M8 but I know it's the network and I'm a pretty patient person. So I wait
  11. Was up at Kroger on Midlothian and winterpock. Had a strong lte signal. Later in the day couldn't send text and service was awful. I have a screen shot butshe won't let me upload
  12. I see sprint lte will come above Richmond, va and below in tidewater area. Any word on when Richmond will get it
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