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  1. I happened to look at my phone at the end of the day and noticed a 4g icon displaying. I looked at signalcheck pro and it says I was connected to lte. I work at the a couple of blocks from the state capital building downtown. For the serving cell it lists 07A04C00 UCF 1912.5 Mhz DCF 1992.5 Mhz . I am not sure what that means. It still shows BSL 1521 Harriet St. Des Moines Bid:977 I did a speed test and got 7.3 mb (7306 kbps) download & 2.1 mb 2145 kbps) upload. I got home and did a speed test and things are better. 551 kbps download (normally around 148 kbps) and 178 kbps upload (normally around 76 kbps). Hopefully the tower by my house (bid 1682) bsl 219 e. kenyon ave. des moines will be updated soon.
  2. I download the pro versIon of the app for my android. I will let you know if I find the bid. At my house on the south side about a mile from blank park zoo shows 219 e. Kenyon ave. Bid 1682 rssi -88 dBm At work on walnut st. It shows 1521 harriet st. Bid 977 rsi -86 dBm At my mom's house by plaza lanes bowling alley it shows neal smith trail Bid 1489. Rsi -93 dBm
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