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  1. Download speeds by the McDonald on Jordan Creek PKWY are blazing fast! Almost 80MBPS download with upload at 10.45MBPS on the iPhone 6s Plus. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Called Sprint and they told me that work would be done on 12/25/13 at 6:00 Pm CST.
  3. Got LTE out side Gordmens on the east side right in front of the east side library. Got some screenshots hopefully there useful information ?
  4. Wait ! Take that back ! I just turned my phone off and then back on and it got LTE for like 1 sec ! This is the screen shot I got ! Very poor signal !
  5. Well thats great ! I live like half a mile away from that tower so ill be sure to keep an eye on that one !
  6. So I just went back to the same exact stop I got LTE and I didn't get it this time ! I don't know what's going on !
  7. I got LTE on Hwy 235 where it makes the intersection with Hwy 80 !
  8. I saw workers on a tower in Altoona it looked like they where putting up something new because they had allot of wires hanging from the top with white boxes hanging from them !?!
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