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  1. Z2 Force

    Thanks for the info on the phone and feedback guys!
  2. Z2 Force

    That's good to hear! I think I'm going to wait until they drop the price of the phone because my line doesn't have a promotion on it until I pay off my V20
  3. Z2 Force

    Is this phone HPUE enabled? Basically does it have all of the new enhanced network features that the LG V30 and Note 8 have launched with? Thx
  4. LG V30

    For the life of me I can't figure out why LG waits so long to release and ship the V series phones from their introduction to the media/press!? Didn't they do the same thing last year? I want to see some reviews and first hand accounts on the hardware and there's not to much out there unfortunately
  5. Z2 Force

    Hmmm.....Not good! Maybe someone else can chime in with their experience with the phone? That's a high failure rate....
  6. Z2 Force

    That's awesome Unless the V30 blows my socks off (I currently have a V20) and depending on price I'll probably go with the Moto just to try something different from Samsung & LG
  7. Z2 Force

    I'm leaning towards this phone because of the moto mods! I don't know why but this phone is calling my name despite the Note 8 and V30 coming up??....maybe it's the price point @50% off and the mods!
  8. Z2 Force

    Awesome! Thanks for the link
  9. Z2 Force

    Sucks that Motorola skipped out on the 3.5mm jack or else I would've probably tried out the Z2 I find Bluetooth audio lacking which sucks because I listen to audio on the V20 with the quad DAC and it spoils you on the audio quality.
  10. LG V30

    I currently have the V20............the V30 has all of what I'm looking for with the enhanced quad DAC and improvements to the camera/video! Hopefully Sprint has a good promo on the phone?
  11. Galaxy tab e

    ^^^^^^Cool, thanks for the quick response! I guess that makes sense since we have the auto pay already setup with the unlimited freedom plan with two lines. $20 isn't bad at all for unlimited data with 10 gigs of hotspot It would be for our kids to use when we're out and about in the car or somewhere else. Yea it's a good deal through Sprint $100 off, but you have to keep it for the 2 years to obtain that final price of $100 with the $4 credit they give you monthly. So maybe I will look for it used on Ebay or Craigslist? Thanks for the feedback.
  12. Galaxy tab e

    I might grab one for my kids possibly, but I was curious if this has CA on B41? They are now for sale at Sprint for $199 with $100 off, so it's $4 a month for the tablet with the $25 mo for unlimited data with 10 gigs of hotspot. Is this tablet still worth getting considering how old it is?
  13. Honestly the only thing that is holding me back from switching to Verizon is the fact that after the 2 year period is over for them crediting the "free phones" then I'll be on the hook for new phones, and that's if I go 2 years on the same phones that we currently have (V20 & S7 Edge). Because right now 2 lines would be $140 + tax (same as what we're paying with Sprint) with 2 free phones.
  14. I went to the Verizon store yesterday to get a break down of my bill if I were to switch over with two lines. Here is the breakdown: - $100 for 2 lines unlimited talk/text/data (HD)/10 gigs hotspot tether - $ 20 X 2 lines access fee = $40 - $140 Total............... The phone trade in for both phones would allow us to get the same 2 phones we have now (LG V20 & S7 Edge) for free. They said that you would get a credit every month for both phones on your bill for 24 months. So it would show the phone payment and credit zeroing it out for 24 months. The only thing we would be on the hook for would be the remainder of the bal for both phones on Sprint after the port out. So the total bill would be $140 + taxes & fees...........now if we want different phones then I'm sure that promo goes away and we would have to pay monthly payments on new phones if we went that route down the road? They did say that the credits for the 2 phones would not appear until the 3rd billing cycle then they would be retroactive from month one basically making the third months bill almost a wash with all of the back credits. Then starting month 4 the bill would be the $140 + taxes & fees We are currently on the 25 gig promo $50 + $15 X 2 lines access fee = $80 month + 2 phone payments + taxes & fees = about $147 month currently with Sprint. That promo does end next March along with the current unlimited freedom promo, so then at that point we would be paying more or switching to the current plan that Sprint has next year that best fits our needs? Decisions......
  15. I've been on the 25 GB plan for $50 + $15 per line X 2 = $80 month me and my wife + phone payments. What I like is that I can tether all 25 GB if I want. Too bad that promo ends March of next year as well Seems like Sprint will have a few promos ending next March, then what??