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  1. @lv_teacher @trojoan1963 @BusinessLawGuy @TrojanSuzanneR I just can't keep up with the news today. It's exhausting.

  2. @realDonaldTrump Sounds like someone is mad that he actually won the election...👆

  3. @TheDuckman22 @dan_pacillo Calm down, it was on his way to the golf course. Literally. He's golfing this weekend.… https://t.co/uNHmmfyxNC

  4. @JohnRossBowie ____________'s reputation or ____________'s career or ____________'s ____________.

  5. @molly_knight This is bottom of the barrel journalism to equate these things Molly. One guy grabs them "by the puss… https://t.co/ONndaus5mb

  6. @_Fake_Patricia @SFHCommish_1 People... his twitter handle is, literally, FAKE PATRICIA

  7. @baddbart @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews Agreed. Republicans and Democrats aren't really conservatives or liberals. They… https://t.co/zYiLnWu7EB

  8. @ghansen711 But can they keep building on it? That's the question.

  9. @Maleandproud @FastFM @CNBCnow I'm well aware that people are laid off every year. You imply these are normal post-… https://t.co/0q0EHdbDAX

  10. @pattonoswalt Every part of that is disgusting and ridiculous. You know damn good and well by the time the 3rd Mat… https://t.co/V7dO45uC9e

  11. @MarthaPlimpton What if I pay the elephant directly?

  12. @Burning4Buddy @Education4Libs What a horrible and shameful thing to say. You think members of the military would s… https://t.co/I41aqFPoMZ

  13. .@realDonaldTrump Trying really hard to remember a recent moment where I heard an outcry over the state of our… https://t.co/eSzq1nwR4e

  14. @CNNSotu @jaketapper @davidaxelrod @mmckinnon If they aren't both wearing those exact suits, you're not doing Sunday morning news right.

  15. @ezraklein @ScottDaniel Nope. I've done it 3 times myself - not even so much as a sternly-worded warning.