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  1. RT @WiseGuy_wes27: I really hate y'all for making trash shit like this blow up. https://t.co/HWaCJKqwRS

  2. @PaulMalignaggi Conor McGregor made you more retarded than you already were. He dropped you so hard you lost some b… https://t.co/qRedwBSVw7

  3. RT @MikeHeadasss: Damn. Soda drinkers -1 Lil Peep- 0 https://t.co/FEuNAfRYR8

  4. Carros lujosos tenemos, prendas dobladas tenemos. Hacemos lo que queremos, no te preguntes cómo lo hacemos aquí fronteamos porque podemos

  5. @elizbby pa el infierno se van

  6. @BIkMamba also, he's starting to find consistency with his jump shot and playing very good D. He's going to be a complete player.

  7. RT @SFGiants: @astros 👊

  8. Madrid is done 😂

  9. RT @callumharvey21: hahahahahahahahaha https://t.co/LibUAF2BBe

  10. @BIkMamba Chill, Man U will still win it .

  11. RT @MannyK_Polo: If homegirl comes through with THEEESE, she’s gonna like...get ittt https://t.co/7p38Qpqcs6

  12. @amunteh Gomes actually had a very good second half. They're stupid af

  13. @Natee909 Already given up on Ingram 🤔

  14. RT @mathaiaus: Twitter: Here’s a photo of my cute children playing with their new puppy aww 😘 | | 638 more replies | | No I didn’t say Hir…

  15. RT @WeWuzMetokur: And the award for the worlds biggest brass balls goes to: https://t.co/iIhowiwpQW