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  1. @razorockJoe any Titanium Baby Smooths coming soon?

  2. @razorockJoe will the Mamba and Ti Baby smooth be produced continuously?

  3. @RealDDP Please help settle a debate! Is the "self high five" what you did to signal the Diamond Cutter finisher?

  4. @Say_Koo yup https://t.co/OZqQAtcGvw

  5. Nice...RT @TheNextWeb: This mom gave her son an 18-point contract with his iPhone. http://t.co/2DbFsAEu by @jemimah_knight

  6. RT @ESPNStatsInfo: Dallas Keuchel isn't here to play games. https://t.co/mlTHa9oyXr

  7. RT @LopezOnSports: On one hand, O'Brien is using Watson's skills perfectly. Great play-calling. On the other, he saw these skills and named…

  8. RT @PayneNFL: The master plan was to improve the offense by not signing A.J. Bouye.

  9. RT @Frml1: @romuhammad @B3Bb0y if Corpus=TX then New Mexico=USA

  10. TechCrunch Giveaway: Nexus 4 And Nexus 10 #TechCrunch http://t.co/2B72sQno via @TechCrunch

  11. There will be blood... At Dillard's

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