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  1. I'm at Treasure Chest Casino (Kenner, LA) http://t.co/NBuIXvB

  2. I'm at Juan's Flying Burrito (New Orleans, LA) http://t.co/xv1I1dh

  3. I'm at Starbucks (New Orleans, LA) w/ 3 others http://t.co/qju7ciO

  4. To answer all of your questions at once ..... Yeah I no longer work on weekends starting today.

  5. With the brother and coworker eating (@ Chili's Grill & Bar) http://t.co/bF8EY2C

  6. So they found the top 20 but only 5 are good enough #BETSundayBest

  7. Yolanda Adams wants to know if that young man was trying to come for her #BETSundayBest

  8. Mary j getting it at essence..... Real love... http://t.co/Kve533D

  9. He should not be on the stage when people have been drinking.... Too funny #essencefestival http://t.co/xiXEcfU

  10. Missing my special person all day. #goingtakeanap

  11. I agree .... i have to wi-fi all day
  12. today was so successful looking forward to tomorrow's event


    #NationalHIVTestingDay is June 27th Get tested FREE @Walgreens on Carrollton & Claiborne June 27th-29th 3-7pm. PLS RT! http://t.co/9ZyHFDq


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