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  1. Catching up on #Gotham and finally got to @thedrewpowell as Solomon Grundy.

  2. RT @AugustJPollak: Guys I just found out that super chill cat was from a neighborhood in Istanbul and when she passed away in 2015 the resi…

  3. RT @ParkerMolloy: GOP ANTI-TRANS ATTACK ADS: Do you want GROWN MEN using the same BATHROOMS as your LITTLE GIRL? ACTUAL GOP POSITION: As l…

  4. RT @SethAbramson: (THREAD) This thread lists EVERY bombshell in Carter Page's Congressional testimony—each summarized in ONE sentence. Hope…

  5. today's stats : 1 new follower, 1 new unfollower, 722 non-followers. found via https://t.co/HixGMCfrMs

  6. today's stats : 721 non-followers. found via https://t.co/HixGMCfrMs

  7. RT @AmeliaHammy: My brain can’t handle this. https://t.co/izNgUPPBdD

  8. RT @barstoolhrtland: Monday hits hard https://t.co/kHAm3J4R8I

  9. RT @PatMcAfeeShow: 7 yrs ago, at this exact minute, I was sitting in solitary confinement thinking “You can’t be buying 100 shots of tequil…

  10. @thebuxtonblog Might as well hop on a plane to Austin now!

  11. @bobkevoian That was torture

  12. @thebuxtonblog @emirates @edgarwright @kidkoala Baby Driver was my favorite movie of the summer. Great flick

  13. @MistyMayTreanor Do you have any leftover AVP Crocs? ;) (I used to work at the tournaments in the midwest!)

  14. @samesince83 My guess is he isn’t quite 💯 yet. First game back from injury

  15. RT @nascarcasm: https://t.co/udc2C5jx1L